Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coming Home

November 30, 2008
Day 30

coming home

We drove home tonight from Knoxville. The traffic on I-40 was horrendous - even without adding in the rain/hail. We decided to take an alternate route. This is the view from when we got off the interstate.

Voila! I am done for this year. You wouldn't think taking one photo a day would be all that hard, but sometimes inspiration doesn't come as easily as others. I am really in awe of the people out there that can do this for a whole year!

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Ruth said...

Hooray, Niki! You beat the pants off of me this year, but I will keep my resolution and once the LSAT is over, I will finish by 12/31/08 or you may henceforth call me Mud.