Sunday, November 9, 2008

Boba Fett

November 7, 2008
Day 7

boba and i

There is a group on flickr called I Love That, Please Send. For this group, people offer up things (hats, toys, wigs, etc) to mail to other flickr members. It's a way to liven up your photos without having to buy new props all the time. When I saw that someone had a Boba Fett action figure up for sending, I had to add my name to the list. He arrived on Thursday, and I took him to work with me on Friday and got this shot. Click here to see the shot I took of him when he got to the house on Thursday.

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tracy said...

you know .... you could have suited up yourself and taken a picture with him. do you still have the helmet? i'm going to have to dig that picture out.