Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekly Words Challenge

I have been absent from the WWC for several weeks. Life has been so busy, I'm surprised I have had time to take any pictures at all. And when Tink announced this weeks words, I couldn't think of anything to shoot for it. Then last night in the shower an idea just came to me out of the blue!


This is a primitive mode of transportation.


And these are modern modes of transportation.

Want to participate in the Weekly Words Challenge? Tink's in charge, so visit her for detials.


Tink said...

I adore the feet shot. Cute toes!

Janet said...

Great idea!!! So simple and perfect :-)

Reb said...

Great idea, wonderful execution.

Chatty said...

Very nice comparison - cute toes, too!

Karen said...

I love it when such a creative idea just comes to you like that! Perfect examples.

Fortune Cookies said...

great interpretation! sweet toes! Mine are up too, come on by