Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Goldens

A couple of months ago, I donated my photography services to a silent auction. The Goldens were the winners! I went out with Tammy and her daughters, Macy and Megan, this morning for our shoot and had a great time.

It was a bit windy, but I kinda like the windswept look. :)

We've got some Bama fans here!

Aren't the girls just goregous?

And finally, I am offering a clone shot to anyone that purchases a photography shoot, free of charge. (Mostly because I love doing them so much!)

Tammy, Macy, and Megan, I hope you guys are as pleased with how these came out as I am!

1 comment:

Reb said...

Those are great photos, what a beautiful family! Love the clone photo.