Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We're back, but totally exhausted. Cathie (Eric's step-mother) is doing well, and Jim (his father) has been having some problems with his oxygen levels. They think they have figured out why and are working on fixing that now. Eric is planning on returning to Knoxville on Thursday of this week, and I'm not sure if I can join him this time. That really bothers me, but I can't lose my job over two days. Thoughts and prayers are still needed. We all hope they can leave the hospital soon.


Ruth said...

What a beautiful picture... we're all thinking about you, and my parents also send their best wishes for a smooth recovery!

(And Frasier sends love bites, because that's just who he is.)

Manda said...

glad to hear that you both got back home ok...will be keeping you in my prayers and sending good thoughts your way.

Ruth said...

Also, I love the photo of the brick and crepe myrtle...I miss crepe myrtle.