Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Momma!

Today is my Momma's birthday, and to celebrate we went to the Nashville Zoo on Monday.

I think my favorite part of the zoo is the meerkats.

Although the lorikeets are a close second. These birds are very socialized and will perch on your hand or shoulder to get a drink of the food the zoo provides.

This particular bird found Momma's face to be tasty and proceeded to lick her. Tracy's bird in the background was chewing on her hair for a bit before he flew to Momma.

These two (and their friend out of camera range) spent the whole time we were there grooming themselves and each other.

The frogs are very colorful. It is hard to believe they are poisonious.

This elephant wasn't interested in looking at me, she just wanted a little snack.

The big cats were sooo sleepy...

Ostriches always seem so mean to me.

This lemur was very cute. I love his striped tail.

Did I mention it was quite hot outside that day? :)

Happy Birthday, Momma. I love you!

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Reb said...

Great photos! Love the last shot - he's gonna be a plumber when he grows up?