Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekly Words Challenge

Scatter and Collect

I did a really abstract interpretation of the two words for this week.

The little pieces of paper all around me in the first photo are my thoughts scattered about. Sometimes it seems like I can't get a handle on anything. But then I try to take a minute for myself and gather everything up. The second photo is me collecting my thoughts.

Want to participate in the Weekly Words Challenge? Tink's in charge, so visit her for detials.


Manda said...

I like this interpretation of the words...I too have very scattered thoughts much of the time...I need to work on the whole "collect" part of it. Oh, and the pictures look nice too. :)

Ruth said...

Great pictures! Also, in the second one, you're making a different face than your photo face! Awesome!!!

TNC said...

Ruth - when I was taking that second photo, I kept thinking "You need to make a happier face, you need to make a happier face..."

Tink said...

I love your interpretation! Only, in my world, those little bits of paper would be post-it-notes. ;)