Saturday, February 23, 2008

All Fired Up

Momma, Tracy, Manda and I went to All Fired Up this weekend to paint some pottery for my birthday. We had a really good time. I can't wait for out pieces to be finished so we can pick them up.

I painted this platter with a moon and stars. I am hoping the colors are darker after it's fired.

My mom painted this cute flowerpot. She tries to tell us she's not artistic. We don't believe her.

This is the kitty mug Tracy painted. The blue kitty is Aphrodite :)

Here's Manda's Peace, Love, and Happiness divided plate. The food will not touch each other and it will be happy to see her.

And one to end with...

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ruth said...

How did the pottery come out? That looks like fun! You know our really ugly change bowl- the green, purple, brown and yellow one? I made that at one of those places. Oddly, I am not color blind, just dumb.